Doing business in Peru

Peru has been recognized to be a good country for doing business, ranked third in South American country for doing business, according to Forbes magazine in 2019. This was achieved thanks to the constant work and improvement that has been made in national policies in order to break barriers and allow a quick and easy entry of foreign companies and investors.


Peru is open to the world

It has been possible to observe great commercial growth thanks to the Free Trade Agreements that have been managed over the years, which has driven many start-ups to other markets, allowing them to expand their business lines and even explore new sectors.

Several consecutives governments have worked consistently to consolidate a legal framework open to the world and to foreign and domestic investment. Although its growth rate has been affected by the recent international downturn, Peru remains as growing. Today we can recognize that despite the current context, Peru has continued to maintain a sense of improving government regulations and being able to promote business activity as a strategy for the country’s economic recovery.

Another appealing aspect for doing business in Peru, is that the country currently ranks second in Latin America and the Caribbean for the ‘Protecting Minority Investors’ indicator used in the World Bank’s ‘Ease of Doing Business’ ranking. This indicator measures aspects such as the protection of shareholders against directors’ misuse of corporate assets for personal gain and the rights and role of shareholders in corporate governance.

For these reasons many foreign investors are interested in starting a company in Peru, but before you start, It is important that you get advice on how to form a company and what regulations you must consider.

Peru seeks to reactivate its economy by following the program ‘Reactiva Peru’, where the reactivation of economic activities was decreed in a progressive manner in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

The first phase of this program began in May with the mining, industrial, construction, service, consumer and commercial sectors. Later, in the second phase, companies from the manufacturing, commercial and service sectors returned. Finally, in the third and fourth phases, the sectors not considered in the previous ones were reactivated. This last phase began in August and continues progressively.

“The general impression is that Peru has macroeconomic strengths. The agreed vision is that after the Covid-19 crisis, the Peruvian economy will be the best performer in Latin America.”

— Hugo Perea, Chief Economist for Peru of BBVA Research to El Peruano, Official Gazette of Peru (October, 2020)

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Peru has positive prospects for economic recovery, in addition to the ease of entry and business-centric environment, resulting in a great opportunity for you to start or expand your business.

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