How to Register a Trademark in El Salvador?

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How to register a Trademark in El Salvador?

The Intellectual Property Registry is the government’s agency in charge of this process. The process can be either carried out online or in person. For the first phase of the registration process, they usually request information about the company or person responsible, as well as application forms (depending on the class) and pictures of the logo, names, etc.

  1. Research for other similar trademarks already registered. You can do these online for free at the virtual platform of the Intellectual Property Registry.

  2. Submit your application file to the Intellectual Property Registry.

  3. Publish the registration notice in the Official Gazette of El Salvador. The notice must be published for around 2 months

  4. Request the second revision of the trademark to the Intellectual Property Registry.

  5. Approval and registration of your trademark in El Salvador.

How to choose a suitable class?

The class depends on the product, goods, or services that are going to be trademarked. The NICE Classification is a list used by countries all around the world since 2013, that contains all different types of categories that can be registered as a trademark all around the world. The list is updated every five years, but a new version is published every year on the platform designated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

What can be registered?

The NICE Classification has more than 30 classes, with subcategories being updated and added every 5 years. The most important thing is to evaluate how the desired trademark is related to the company or product/service. When talking about sounds, smells, and colors, it is necessary that the public already associates it with a brand and that they’re not generic.

  • Products

  • Services

  • Production establishment

  • Commercial establishment

  • Advertising phrase (slogan)

  • Sounds

  • Smells

  • Colors

  • Collective mark

  • Certification mark

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