How to Register a Trademark in Paraguay?

Paraguay is a very attractive country for investors and companies looking to expand to Latin America. It is a small country of around 6,8 million people, but with natural resources and a constantly growing market. It is not as popular as its neighboring countries but it has a very diverse market with activities like agriculture, mining, and energy.

Registering a trademark will not only protect your business, but it will also give you the opportunity to expand and broaden your horizons while keeping your and your team’s work safe.

How to register a trademark in Paraguay? What are the steps? Who can register it? Do I need to have a company? How to form a company in Paraguay?


How to register a trademark in Paraguay?

  1. Conduct a search for similar trademarks already registered in Paraguay

    The first step is to review if the trademark, brand, object, service, etc. is registered in Paraguay. This can be done online at the public platform of the DINAPI, the government agency in charge of protecting intellectual property.

  2. Submit the application to the DINAPI

    Once you know the trademark is not already registered in Paraguay, you can proceed with the process at the DINAPI, which stands for ‘Dirección Nacional de Propiedad Intelectual’ in Spanish. You’ll have to present documentation about the trademark, the person or legal representative registering it, the company, and some more depending on the type and classification.

  3. Publish the application notice in the Paraguayan Official Gazette

    The next step is to publish the application notice in the Paraguayan Official Gazette, as well as in another newspaper of mass circulation for at least 3 consecutive days.

    This is necessary because it allows other companies or people to review and make comments or complaints on the trademark you’re registering.

  4. Wait for the DINAPI to review and approve the application

    During the 60 days after the publication of the notice, the general public can submit any complaints, suggestions, or comments regarding the trademark, brand, or object being registered. The DINAPI will then review them and suggest changes

What can be registered as a trademark?

The NICE Classification has more than 30 classes, with subcategories being updated and added every 5 years. The most important thing is to evaluate how the desired trademark is related to the company or product/service. When talking about sounds, smells, and colors, it is necessary that the public already associates them with a brand and that they’re not generic.

  • Products

  • Services

  • Production establishment

  • Commercial establishment

  • Advertising phrase (slogan)

  • Sound mark

  • Collective mark

  • Certification mark

What documents are needed?

  • The ID of the natural person or Legal Representative of the company registering the trademark
  • Articles of Incorporation (in the case of companies)
  • Application form containing information about the product/service to be registered
  • NICE Classification (if you don’t know it an agent can help you)
  • Logos, colors, or visual elements that identify the brand/trademark

Who can register a trademark in Paraguay?

Anyone over the age of 18 is allowed to register a Trademark in Paraguay, as long as they’re local or have a valid residency. In the case of companies, it is necessary to appoint a local Legal Representative that can submit the documentation and stay up to date with all the requirements and documentation needed by the government.

If you wish to register the trademark to conduct business activities it is going to be necessary to have also a registered company in Paraguay.

How to register a company in Paraguay?

Starting a business in Paraguay can be a great opportunity! These are some of the general steps you need to follow in order to register your company. Once the process is completed, you can appoint a Legal Representative that is going to be in charge of the trademark registration process.

  1. Identify and select the company structure

  2. Check the availability of the name

  3. Elaboration and signature of power of attorney

  4. Draft and notarize the company’s bylaws

  5. Submit the documentation to the local centralized platform (SUACE)

  6. Publication in the Paraguayan Official Gazette

  7. Apply for a taxpayer ID at the SET

  8. Obtain your statutory company books

  9. Submit an application to the local Municipality for the verification and assessment of licenses and permits

  10. Submit an application for registration at the Social Security Institute and to the Ministry of Justice and Labor

  11. Open a corporate bank account

Do you need to register a trademark in Paraguay?

Paraguay is the perfect country to register a business because it is a country that is constantly in expansion and growing. To make sure you register your trademark in Paraguay in the right way, you can get in touch with us, and our team of experts is going to make sure your registration complies with all Paraguayan laws.

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