What is a Legal Representative in Peru? Legal Representation in 2022

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Every company in Peru requires a legal representative. In this quickstart guide, we make a summary of the important aspects of the legal representative, which is an essential part of your company formation in Peru.

1. What is a Legal Representative?

Peruvian legislation requires a legal representative as part of the statutory process of forming a company. A legal representative usually holds the position of the General Manager, a position that is necessary when forming a company.

The Legal representative is the individual responsible to act on behalf of the shareholders of a company.

2. Who can be a Legal Representative?

Any person 18 years old or older that holds a Peruvian nationality can be appointed as a legal representative.  Also, a foreigner can be appointed as a legal representative as long as they have a valid residency in Peru.

Moreover, although a non-resident foreigner can’t act as a General Manager, he or she can be appointed as an alternate representative of a company with a valid passport.

3. When do you appoint the Legal Representative?

You must appoint a legal representative at the beginning of the company registration in the company bylaws. You can also change the legal representative at a later time via a modification of the company bylaws through a public deed that is submitted to Public Registries.

4. What are the activities of the Legal Representative?

The legal representative acts in the best interest of the company and usually performs various tasks such as completing processes in Public Registries, signing contracts, and opening bank accounts. Essentially, any activity that allows your business to operate in the country. Since the Legal Representative acts on behalf of the company owners, this also can limit what the legal representative can or cannot do. In addition to this, the legal representative is the first point of contact for government authorities.

5. Easyco and Legal Representation. What to expect?

Easyco provides a Peruvian legal representative as an additional service to act as the General Manager for compliance purposes for your Company Formation process in Peru. Easyco corporate experts bring a proven track record of legal representation kept to high standards, helping you with your company requirements and business formation in Peru.

6. Want to register a company in Peru?

Easyco provides full-fledged company formation services in Peru for your company requirements; we assist with your company registration, compliance, and growth. At Easyco we take pride in making company registration a hassle-free process by giving you an online application experience, made for the 21st century.

Our video below provides a step-by-step summary of your company incorporation process. You can also visit the video’s detailed company formation article here.


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