Payroll Outsourcing Services in Argentina

Argentina is one of the most popular countries in South America to start a business. Being one of the founding members of MERCOSUR gives it access to a bigger market with fascinating countries like Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, and also Peru, Colombia, and Chile, among others. Payroll is a key part of the operations of any company, so it is important to always handle it in the best way possible. Outsourcing all the tasks revolving around payroll can help you, your business and your team to focus on other objectives and goals regarding the development of the company or other activities.

Learn about the benefits that outsourcing the payroll of your company in Argentina and how Easyco can help you!

Why outsource the payroll of my company in Argentina? What are the benefits? How can it help me grow my business?

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Compensations and Work Conditions

These are some of the general guidelines regarding compensation and work conditions in Argentina. However, they’re always evolving and the government is constantly promoting new regulations and laws that guarantee the well-being of employees and the growth of companies so it is important to stay up to date and in constant capacitation.

  • As of 2022, the minimum wage in Argentina is 32,616 Argentine Pesos (ARS), or around 229 United States Dollars (USD)

  • For one year of work Argentinians are entitled to receive 13 compensations, the last one known as an Annual Bonus or ‘Aguinaldo’, half of it payable in June and the other half in December.

  • The average working regime consists of 8 hours a day or 48 hours a week

  • When working overtime the employee must receive an additional 50% of the normal pay rate, except on Sundays, Holidays, or Saturdays after 1 pm, on which they must receive 100% of their normal pay.

  • The maximum amount of overtime employees are allowed to work is 3 hours a day, 30 hours a month, or 200 hours a year.


In Argentina, companies are obligated to contribute to the employee pension funds and the public health administration system. The Social Security Contributions are paid by both the employer and the employee. The employee pays 17% of their gross salary and the employer pays from 24% to 26.4%, depending on the size of the company.

Additionally, the employer has to hire life insurance for its employees in case of death as a consequence of a risky activity during work, as well as health and accident insurance.

Why should you outsource the payroll of your company in Argentina?

Outsourcing processes can be the perfect solution for companies of all types and sizes that are looking to speed up and make them easier. These are some of the benefits of outsourcing the payroll of your company in Argentina:

  • Reduced risk of mistakes, government fines, and audits

  • Support from a team of local professionals

  • Experience in dealing with common problems and finding the best solutions

  • Having a dedicated payroll team is more expensive than outsourcing
  • Continuous help and support centered on the growth and development of your company both locally and internationally.

Is it the best option for my company?

If you’re looking to free your team of some responsibilities and tasks, as well as to work with a team of experienced professionals then yes, outsourcing the payroll of your company in Argentina is the perfect solution.

At Easyco, our work is focused on the satisfaction of our clients, which means our priority is to fulfill all the needs they have and support them in the growth of their businesses. Our payroll outsourcing services are perfect for all types of companies of different sizes and pursuing various economical activities.

So what are the services included in the payroll?

  • Complete calculation of paycheck

  • Direct deposit to multiple accounts

  • Payroll tax comprehensive service

  • Locality processing

  • Reporting of employee benefits

  • Usage tracking and accrual – Vacation, Holiday, Sick, Personal Time, PTO

  • Digital checks in PDF format

  • Garnishment of disbursements

  • Reports in a standard format and client-developed reports

  • Guidance for employee insurance

  • Customer support via e-mail or Whatsapp

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