Registered Office Address in Mexico

It is also necessary for them to know that they must have a registered office address in Mexico where they will establish their management or head office. For that reason, for those investors interested in establishing their business in Mexico, it is not only important to know how to set up a company in Mexico.

Mexico is a country that has good trade relations with foreign countries, and it is considered a very competitive country for international investments, this is due to its political and macroeconomic stability. In addition, Mexico is among the fifteenth largest economies in the world and is in the eleventh place as a country with great purchasing power.

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1. What is a registered office address?

It corresponds to the place where your business activities are carried out, whether it is a commercial place or an office; additionally, many companies rent an office address for these purposes.

If no address is indicated before the Tax Administration Service, it will take the address declared in any financial entity. In addition, if the administration is located abroad, the domicile where commercial activities are carried out within the Mexican territory will be considered the registered office address.

2. Why is it important?

The registered office address is an important step in the creation of a company since it represents the taxpayer-tax authority relationship. Also, the inclusion of an office address within the articles of incorporation of a company is required to register your company in Mexico.

This address is not only the place where the authority will notify administrative resolutions that may affect in favor or against the company’s operations. Furthermore, it will allow the tax authority to validate that your company is actually established in the declared place and that its main activity is carried out there. This will avoid confusion and bad practices.

Furthermore, according to the place where the domicile is established, you will have to pay obligatory taxes.

3. What are the requirements?

According to the Federal Fiscal Code, a registered office address must comply with the following requirements:

  • The actual documentation of the accounting entries and records.

  • Keep at the authority’s disposal, the accounting and other papers that prove compliance with the tax provisions.

  • If applicable, it must have its own goods or commodities in accordance with the activity in which they have been registered.

  • You must keep on file the lease contract, service rendering contracts, and loan contracts, if applicable.

  • In addition, you must have bank statements.

4. Notifying changes

Mexican law obligates local companies to notify the tax authority in case of any change of address.

5. Easyco and Registered Address. What to expect?

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