Talent Acquisition in Latin America: Recruiting and Hiring

Hiring in Latin America is one of the tasks businesses and companies need to deal with when looking to initiate operations in a new, growing, and diverse market. However, this task can also be a challenge for some companies because of the differences between country legislation in Latin America, job and hiring regulations, in addition to local law and culture.

This is why so many countries choose to outsource these tasks and work with a partner that can help in all the steps of the process, providing you the assistance of professionals prepared to support your business and solve all types of problems or complications that may arise, making sure your local operations and processes run smoothly.


These are some of the benefits of Hiring in Latin America and how at Easyco we can help you with recruitment, payroll, local compliance, and migration services!

Benefits of Hiring in Latin America

These are only some of the benefits you can get from hiring staff in Latin America to help with the expansion and growth of your business!

  • English as Second Language

    Spanish is the main language spoken by most countries in Latin America, followed by Portuguese. However, English is considered very important, it is taught at schools from a young age, and it is required in order to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in some universities (this varies from country to country). Only in South America, it is estimated that around 5.4 million people speak English, 2.8 million of them located in Argentina. This makes Latin America a good option for companies that need employees that are fluent in English.

  • Time Zone Benefits

    It is also important to have into consideration that most countries in Latin America are in the same time zone as the United States and Canada. Therefore, outsourcing and hiring of employees can be managed easily.

  • Salaries and other Benefits

    Salaries in Latin America are generally lower than in the USA, Canada, and Europe. The cost of living is much lower and the minimum wage in the region starts at around USD 200, and it comes to USD 400, Ecuador has the highest minimum wage.

    However, Latin America’s workforce is highly skilled and the market can be very competitive. Salaries are important when taking a job into consideration, but other additional benefits for the employee and their families can make the difference and end up being a big advantage for the company hiring.

How can Easyco help?

At Easyco we offer services that make the handling of your business easy. We design all our services in order to comply with your company necessities, as well as with local regulations, laws, and other requirements that can change across industries and countries in Latin America. These are some of the ways we can help with Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, Hiring, and Managing your personnel.

  • Talent Acquisition and Hiring

    Our Talent Acquisition and Hiring Services have the goal of finding the perfect candidates to fulfill the role needed in the company. Easyco makes sure the person is highly qualified, as well as counting on all the required experience, skills, and social abilities necessary for the position.

    We work with a group of professionals that are in charge of researching and using the latest technology to recruit, interview, and filter the right candidates for your company, always taking into consideration the industry and type of work.

  • Global Payroll

    Payroll Outsourcing is an attractive option for many companies with either a small or big number of employees. This service allows you to focus on the expansion of your business in Latin America without worrying about the differences in regulations and laws regarding payroll. Easyco takes that responsibility away from you and your team and carefully handles the payroll of your company as you expand, complying with all of the local laws and regulations.

    These are some of the services included in Global Payroll Outsourcing in Latin America:

    • Complete calculation of paycheck

    • Direct deposit to multiple accounts

    • Guidance for employee insurance

    • Reporting of employee benefits, and more.

  • Work Permits and Migration

    In Latin America, constant migration and mobility are very common. That’s why you should consider it in case you can’t find the right candidate for a job position in the city or country where you need it. This is possible thanks to various regional measures and laws that allow citizens to easily relocate to other countries. For example, citizens of the CAN (Comunidad Andina), formed by Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Bolivia can work in any of the member countries under their local regulations without having to apply for a work permit or Visa.

    However, some countries have friendly migration policies for foreigners and allow them to work, invest and start their businesses without any problems. Colombia is one of these countries and offers Migration, Visitor, and Resident types of Visas.

  • Specialized Areas

    These are some of the specialized areas we have hired for across Latin America. However, we can help you fill in any other role for your company!

    • Accounting and Finance

    • Administrative and Office

    • Call Center and Customer Service

    • Technology and IT

    • Creative and Marketing

    • Legal

    • Sales

    • Healthcare

Get Assistance from Easyco Experts!

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Easyco also provides additional services to guarantee your company’s compliance, which include:

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