Why Outsource the Payroll of your Company in Mexico?

Mexico is one of the most popular countries in Latin America for companies, businesses, and investors to start operations. Thanks to its proximity to the United States and the rest of Central and South America, it is considered a perfect location to establish the headquarters of companies that engage in activities along the continent. Furthermore, Mexico has a history of economic growth, political stability, and a highly skilled and educated workforce.

However, handling the payroll of a company in Mexico can be tough and require a lot of attention and work. This applies to both, small and big companies since they have different requirements, types of work, regimes, and regulations. Payroll Outsourcing Services offer you the solution and a more economical alternative to doing all the processes with your Human Resources team.

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Why Outsource the Payroll of your Company in Mexico?

Payroll Outsourcing means working with a company that is going to take on some of the responsibilities of the Human Resources Department, such as recruitment, but also the management and payment of the payroll. This is an option many companies have in consideration since it takes off a big workload of their teams and gives it to a group of specialized people that are going to make sure to comply with all local regulations and stay up to date with the latest laws.

Payroll Outsourcing is perfect for small, medium, and big companies, since it provides all the solutions in one place and considerably reduces the costs, compared to having a group of people handling the payroll in-house.

Easyco Payroll Outsourcing Services in Mexico

At Easyco, our goal is to make your company in Mexico run as smoothly as possible. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of payroll services designed to cater to all your business needs. Keep in mind that if you need any additional service we can also help you, just send us a message with your requirements and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

  • Complete calculation of paycheck

  • Direct deposit to multiple accounts

  • Payroll tax comprehensive service

  • Locality processing

  • Reporting of employee benefits

  • Usage tracking and accrual – Vacation, Holiday, Sick, Personal Time, PTO

  • Digital checks in PDF format

  • Garnishment disbursements

  • Reports in a standard format and client-developed reports

  • Guidance for employee insurance

  • Customer support via e-mail or Whatsapp

Is Payroll Outsourcing the best option for my company in Mexico?

Outsourcing the payroll of your company in Mexico is the best option for companies that are first starting operations, as well as companies that are already established and are looking to optimize their processes, relief their team of the payroll workload and reduce costs.

This is also perfect if you’re based in Mexico but are looking to expand your business to other countries in Latin America, or if you’re just getting started and in the process of registering your company in Mexico.

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Mexico is a great country to start your business, being a country open to foreign investment with a favorable legal structure for companies. Our experts can help you register your company in Mexico and assist with the formalities and compliance along the process.

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