Work Visa in Colombia: Types and Requirements

Colombia is a very interesting and popular country in Latin America for foreigners looking to expand their businesses abroad, invest their money, or look into new job opportunities. Its growing economy, as well as business-friendly initiatives, make it the perfect destination for business owners interested in registering a company in Colombia.

In 2020, it became a member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and it has since been able to standardize and adjust most of its processes to the OECD international standards.

In addition to all these, Colombia is a country that receives foreigners looking to work or start a business. It is a very popular destination because the process is less complex, which makes it a very popular destination in South America to get a Work Visa.

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Why do I need a Work Visa?

All foreigners that want to pursue business or professional activities in Colombia need to have a valid work visa in order to comply with the law, fiscal, and other local regulations. A Work Visa in Colombia will also allow you, as a foreigner, to have access to health insurance, a pension fund (in some cases), and other benefits.

What are the types of Work Visas in Colombia?

In Colombia, you can get a Work Visa depending on your migration status and how long you want to pursue business or work activities in the country.

Migrant (M)

A Migrant (M) type of Visa means that the person is planning to live temporarily in Colombia for a maximum of 3 years. This type of Visa requires having a Colombian spouse or partner, or a permanent job in the country. The M Visa is also perfect for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Colombia or interested in Real Estate opportunities.

Visitor (V)

A Visitor (V) Visa is ideal for foreigners who want to travel to Colombia, stay temporarily (for a maximum of 6 months), and don’t have a permanent residency. This type of Visa is perfect for service providers or short-term projects at a Branch or local company.

Resident (R)

A Colombian Resident (R) Visa is suitable for individuals that hold a Migrant (M) Visa and wish to live permanently in the country, as well as people looking to invest a minimum of 650 minimum wages in Colombia (around USD $ 170,000). Foreigners are also eligible for this type of Visa if they’ve been married on an M Visa for at least a year or have a child born in Colombia.

How do I obtain a Work Visa in Colombia?

The ‘Cancillería’ or Ministery of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the issue of Visas. You can either apply to get a Visa at one of Colombia’s Embassy or Consulate, or in Bogota.

The requirements to obtain a Work Visa in Colombia vary depending on the type of Visa, however, there are some general requirements and documents needed. Keep in mind all the documents that are not in Spanish have to be translated and be duly legalized and apostilled:

  • Valid passport or another travel document (valid for a minimum of 180 days upon arrival) with at least 2 blank pages

  • 2 recent photographs with white background

  • Original work contract

  • Form with a summary of the contract, including information about the employer, employee, type of work, and responsibilities. This document must be signed by both the employer (it can be a company or legal person) and the employee and duly legalized by a Colombian lawyer or Consul

  • An academic degree, diploma, or technical certification that proves work proficiency (depending on the type of work, some licenses can be asked for)

  • Information about the company or legal person that is going to hire you

Do you need to create a company in Colombia?

If you wish to register a company in Colombia, or you already have one, it can make the process even more simple and fast. This is the perfect option for business owners and investors that want to apply for a Migrant or Resident Visa, since the Colombian government has policies and regulations to promote it.

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