How to Register a Trademark in Colombia?

In recent years, Colombia has been an attractive country for new businesses and companies that are interested in expanding and entering an emerging and growing market. It is also perfect if expanding in the region is a plan in the future since it has various agreements with neighboring countries like Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, etc. Since 2020 it is also a member of the OECD, which means Colombia is in the process of adjusting to international standards and promoting international cooperation.

Registering a trademark in Colombia is one important step for companies that want to protect their products, brand, and identity. Like in other countries, you have 5 years in order to start using the trademark and it has to be renewed every 10 years. The trademark registration process, as well as the renewal, can be done online or in person in Colombia.

How to file a trademark in Colombia? Do I need company? Can I register a trademark as a natural person? What documents do I need? How to incorporate a company in Colombia?

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Why register a trademark in Colombia?

It is important to register a trademark because it gives you legal protection and it significantly reduces the competition since other companies and businesses won’t be able to commercialize a product with the same name, or logo.

It is also important from a marketing and advertising point of view because your clients will be able to easily identify your brand, product, and name.

These are some of the things that can be registered as a trademark. However, the NICE Classification has many other categories of products, services, and more that can be registered.

  • What can be registered as a Trademark?

    • Products

    • Services

    • Production establishment

    • Commercial establishment

    • Advertising phrase (slogan)

    • Sound mark

    • Collective mark

    • Certification mark

What is the NICE classification?

The NICE Classification, often called NCL is the international classification for goods and services that entities around the world use for the registration of trademarks. Since its creation in 2013, it includes 34 different classes and each of them has an alphabetical list of the goods that can be used for registration. The list is updated every five years, but a new version is published every year on the platform designated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Who is in charge of the registration?

The agency in charge of the registration of trademarks in Colombia is the ‘Oficina Virtual de Propiedad Industrial’, known as SIPI, which is a digital platform created by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce to facilitate and centralize the process. However, it can also be done at one of the many offices the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce has all over Colombia.

What documents are required to register a trademark in Chile?

To successfully complete the registration of the trademark, the SIPI asks for these documents. They will verify that the trademark is not owned by anyone else.

  • Classification of the goods or services according to the NICE guidelines

  • Receipt of payment of the fees to the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce

  • Application Form with the information of the mark either through the online platform or at the offices of the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce

  • File including the logo of the brand

  • Power of Attorney of the Legal Representative

Do I need a company to register a trademark in Colombia?

No, you can register a trademark as a natural person, you don’t need to do it under the name of a company. In the future, if you wish to start using the trademark, you can register a company and transfer the trademark to it to start commercializing it.

If you already have a trademark, you have 5 years to start using it, so it is advised that you form a company in Colombia or transfer it to an already existing legal structure. This way you can start with the promotion, production, and distribution, and finally start profiting from it.

How to register a company in Colombia?

Would you like to register a company in Colombia? These are some of the steps you need to follow. Remember that this may differ depending on the type of company, as well as the nature of the business, and more. In some cases, it is necessary to apply for licenses and permits.

  1. Identify and select the right type of company

  2. Search for the availability of the name at the ‘Registro Único Empresarial’

  3. Elaboration and signature of the Power of Attorney

  4. Preparation and drafting of the company’s bylaws

  5. Obtain a Pre Taxpayer ID or Pre RUT

  6. Register the company with the Chamber of Commerce

  7. Obtain the final Tax ID or RUT

  8. Register the company’s books

  9. Open a corporate bank account in Colombia

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