Most Common Types of Companies in Argentina

Argentina is often the preferred country for many business owners and investors looking to start businesses and register companies in Latin America. Over the years, the South American country has gained popularity around the world and is still a very popular country in Latin America. The popularity has remained because of its highly qualified workforce, developed industries, and a large percentage of the population having English as a second language.

One of the most important steps in the company formation process in Argentina is to decide on which of the available company types and legal structures is the right one for your business, helping you fulfill all business needs and giving you the most benefits.

What are the most common types of companies in Argentina? What are the differences and requirements? How to register a company in Argentina?


These are some of the most common types of companies in Argentina and some of the main requirements for their incorporation:

Corporation or ‘Sociedad Anónima’ (S.A.)

Corporations or ‘Sociedades Anónimas’ are the most common type of legal structure in Argentina. The capital of a Corporation is divided into stocks, which can be transferred, sold, or inherited. The minimum capital to form a Corporation is $AR 100,000, which is around US$ 900, but only 25% is required in the beginning. A Corporation can have an unlimited number of partners, but a minimum of 2 are required at the moment of the formation (they can be a natural or legal person).

Simplified Shares Company or ‘Sociedad por Acciones Simplificadas’ (S.A.S.)

A Simplified Shares Company is a type of legal entity that was created in 2017 in order to promote the formalization of businesses. The ‘S.A.S’ is the easiest and fastest type of company to create in Argentina since it only needs 1 shareholder, and the process can be completed online. This type of company is very popular for small businesses since the minimum capital required is only 2 minimum wages. However, only 25% has to be invested when it’s being incorporated.

Limited Liability Company or ‘Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada’ (S.R.L.)

A ‘Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada’ is the equivalent of an LLC, where the partners have limited liability. In this type of company, the capital is divided into quotas (participation), and the owners are only liable for the amount they own. There is no minimum capital required, but it must be enough to carry out business activities. At the moment of incorporation, the initial paid-in capital must be at least 25% of the final/total capital, and the rest should be credited in the following 2 years.

An SRL requires at least 2 partners or owners, and a maximum of 50. The company also should have one or more General Managers that have a valid residence in Argentina.

Branch Office or ‘Sucursal’

A Branch office is an extension of a company that has headquarters overseas and wants to expand. In order to open a Foreign Branch Company in Argentina, is necessary to provide proof of representation. This means you need to have a legal representative resident in Argentina and have a registered office address. Additionally, it is also important that the nature of the business of the Branch Office is the same as it says in the main company’s Articles of Incorporation.

How to register your company in Argentina?

These are some of the general steps required when looking to register a company in Argentina. It is important to remember that the documentation has to be in Spanish, and duly legalized and apostilled.

  1. Choose the right type of company

  2. Check if the desired name is available

  3. Appoint a Legal Representative

  4. Draft the company’s bylaws

  5. Deposit the initial capital at the Bank of Argentina

  6. Publish the company formation notice in the Official Gazette

  7. Register your company’s books

  8. Obtain a Tax ID Number or CUIT

  9. Open a Corporate Bank Account

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