What is a Legal Representative in Mexico?

As an investor interested in creating a company in Mexico, it is important to consider that the requirements to form a company may slightly differ in comparison to other countries, but you should also consider that one of the important steps to establish a company is to appoint a legal representative.

Mexico is considered one of the most important and attractive countries to invest in Latin America. This country has stable growth with a positive economic scenario. Furthermore, according to the World Bank’s Doing Business 2020 report, in Mexico, the company formation process can take approximately 8.5 days.


1. What does it mean to be a legal representative?

A legal representative is a person who represents the company and acts on its behalf. This person is authorized to carry out several processes, besides assuming commitments and being able to make decisions in relation to the benefit of the company.

The sole signature of the legal representative empowers him/her to commit to the company’s prestige.

2. Who can represent a company?

In order to be a legal representative in Mexico you must comply with the following:

  • Be over 18 years of age.

  • Be a Mexican citizen or a foreigner, as long as he/she is domiciled in Mexico and can prove his/her valid immigration status.

3. What are the functions of a legal representative?

Legal representation is granted to the managers or administrators of the company they represent. This legal representative is granted powers and his/her authority is limited to the exercise of the necessary acts for the proper management of the company.

Likewise, the representative of a company can assume decisions for the company he represents, both internal and external. These decisions are manifested through certifications.

Among the functions of the legal representative, we can mention that such a person is in charge of signing the labor contracts and certifications of the company’s employees. In addition, his or her signature is required for the validation of accounting reports or financial statements presented by a public accountant.

Among other functions, we can consider:

  • To enter into and execute the actions and contracts needed to develop all the activities of the company he/she represents.

  • To safeguard the proper functioning of its operations.

  • Execute the orders given by the board of directors or shareholders’ meeting.

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