Payroll Outsourcing in Latin America

Handling the payroll can be tough for all types and sizes of companies. For small businesses that are in constant growth and change, have a small team, and have lots of work to do, it can be difficult to find the time and comply with all local legal regulations. But it can still be a problem for bigger companies that face changes in employment type and always hiring new employees, as well as dealing with vacations, paid time off, and more.

Furthermore, payroll can be a real challenge for companies that are expanding their businesses to new countries and even industries. All countries have their own regulations and laws regarding work, and it’s important to stay updated on them. Each type of work also has different payroll categories depending on the organization.

Outsourcing the Payroll of your company can be the perfect solution!


Why outsource the Payroll of your company?

Handling the payroll of a company can be tough, especially when it is in constant growth. When you decide to work with payroll outsourcing services in Latin America, you are taking the responsibility out of your team and giving them the time and space to focus on other more important tasks. The companies that offer this service work with trained professionals that have experience in all areas and types of work, which guarantees you the safety and security your company and workers need.

  • Outsourcing the payroll of your company is more affordable than having an in-house payroll team in the HR department

  • Outsourced payroll providers have experience and work with professionals across many work categories allowing the process to be smooth and simple

  • Payroll outsourcing service providers also have technology and software that reduces the risk of mistakes and avoids government fines, penalties, and audits

  • It gives you and your team time to focus on the business activities of the company and improves productivity

  • The service provider will make sure that all salaries and taxes are paid on time, which avoids problems

What are the different types of Payroll Categories?

There are different types of Payroll categories that can apply to your company. This depends on the type of business, the number of employees, and the industry. Each of these regimes is different in every country and has different types of benefits and regulations. These are some of the Payroll categories:

  • General and SMEs labor system

  • Public labor system

  • Civil construction workers

  • Agriculture

  • Medical personnel

  • Mining workers

  • Internships

  • Other types and regimes your organization needs

Easyco Payroll Outsourcing Services. How Can We Help?

At Easyco, our goal is to make your company run as smoothly as possible. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of payroll services designed to cater to all your business needs. Out payroll outsourcing in Latin America services includes everything you need to successfully run your organization:

  • Complete calculation of paycheck

  • Direct deposit to multiple accounts

  • Payroll tax comprehensive service

  • Locality processing

  • Reporting of employee benefits

  • Usage tracking and accrual – Vacation, Holiday, Sick, Personal Time, PTO

  • Digital checks in PDF format

  • Garnishment disbursements

  • Reports in a standard format and client-developed reports

  • Guidance for employee insurance

  • Customer support via e-mail or Whatsapp

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