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Peru is a country that has managed to achieve a business-friendly environment, which offers you diverse opportunities to grow with your business. Nevertheless, expanding and starting operations in a new country can be very challenging, especially when we talk about payroll.


Once you complete your company formation in Peru and start operations, It is vital to understand how to properly manage the payroll of the employees that are part of your company. Payroll mistakes are very common among companies, and can also be very expensive. Allowing experts to manage your payroll ensures that there is compliance with the local authorities, and current legislation and that your employees receive all the benefits that they need. As a result, the burden of payroll is mitigated, helping you focus on your business growth.

What is a Payroll Outsourcing Service?

Also referred to as payroll outsourcing, It is an external service whose aim is to carry out all the operations of the calculation and settlement of the payroll outside the company. This service is provided by experts who efficiently comply with all the required payroll obligations in order to avoid the company having any tax, labor, and/or financial issues down the road. In addition, the confidentiality of the information handled is key among parties and has to be ensured.


The services provided are oriented to speed up the handling of the company’s payroll in compliance with the existing legal and tax regulations, as well as keeping and updating process, if necessary.

Payroll Services

Among the payroll services, Easyco offers:

  • Complete calculation of paycheck, according to the remuneration policies of your company.

  • Direct Deposit – Multiple accounts, management of the payroll payments according to the structures of the different banks.

  • Payroll tax – Comprehensive service.

  • Locality processing.

  • Reporting of employee benefits, determination of the benefits, and monthly contributions such as AFP’s, ONP, EsSalud, and others.

  • Usage tracking and accrual – Vacations, Holidays, Sick, Personal time, PTO.

  • Digital checks in PDF format.

  • Garnishment disbursements.

  • Reports – Standard and client-developed reports.

  • Guidance for employee insurance.

  • Customer support.


Some employee contributions

Some of the payroll taxes that are considered in Peru are health and pension fund contributions:

  • Health Contribution: Here you have the option of choosing between the public and private sectors since we have the National Health System – EsSalud whose contribution is equal to 9% of the employee’s remuneration or the Private Health System – EPS whose contribution will depend on the working conditions and the option of the employee. Employers are responsible for this contribution.

  • Pension Fund: Here the employer will deduct from the worker’s remuneration approximately 13%. In Peru, it is considered the National System of Pensions (managed by the ONP) or the Private System of Pensions (managed by the AFP), in this last system the percentage can be different.

Benefits of payroll services


The payroll service is a complete set of services that will help you manage all the information on time and in the right way.

Additionally, we can point out the following benefits:

  • Save time, since you will have the payroll information at the time they are required, along with their corresponding reports.

  • Minimize errors, since the payroll will be done by local experts, helping you avoid expensive fines and/or discomfort from your employees.

  • Reduce operational costs, since the administrative costs of human resources will be reduced.

Get Assistance from Easyco Experts

If you are managing a company and you are interested in optimizing your processes by outsourcing your payroll, feel free to contact Easyco, our experts have vast experience helping businesses manage their payroll requirements in Peru.

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