Registered Office Address in Peru

Starting a company in Peru can be a great opportunity for companies that want to expand their businesses in Latin America and explore a new, growing, and very interesting market. In Peru, one of the requirements to form a company is to have a registered office address to comply with the registration and fiscal process.

In this article you can learn more about registered office address in Peru and how we can help you!

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  1. What is a Registered Address?

    Peruvian Legislation requires a registered address (Domicilio Fiscal in Spanish) as part of the statutory process of forming a company. The registered address serves as the main location where government authorities send correspondence and also carry out official visits. As such, there are important considerations to have, before choosing your registered address.

  2. When do you appoint the Registered Address of the Company?

    You must appoint a registered address at the beginning of the company registration in the company bylaws. You can also change the registered address at a later time via a modification of the company bylaws through a public deed that is submitted to the Peruvian Public Registries.

  3. Can a Registered Address be a P.O. Box or a virtual address?

    Peruvian Legislations mandates for a registered address to be verifiable before local authorities, meaning it has to be a physical address, in a suitable location that allows business activities.

  4. Can any physical address be a Registered address for a company?

    No. It is important to take into consideration that a registered address needs to allow business activities. For example, a building where there are several apartments may not be suitable for business. This is because local municipalities determine which buildings can have businesses and which ones can only be used for residential purposes.

    In Lima, every district (or neighborhood) has one municipality that provides this information. Usually, before leasing an office space, realtors disclose this information, however, it is advisable to visit your corresponding municipality to confirm this information before signing any lease.

    After you successfully find an ideal office space, you will then need to obtain a municipal operations license.

  5. What is a Municipal Operations License?

    Having a municipal operations license (Licencia de Funcionamiento in Spanish) is a requirement for any business that plans to have operations in Peru. Essentially, having this license means that the municipality corroborates that your office has successfully complied with safety requirements that allow your business to start operations. Expect investing in safety equipment (fire extinguishers, fire alarms, safety signs, etc.) and a visit from a municipal official to confirm compliance. Usually, you can find third-party companies that visit your office and provide installations to comply with the municipality’s requirements.

  6. Easyco and Registered Address. What to expect?

    As you can see, having a properly registered address is of the utmost importance when considering incorporating it into Peru. At Easyco your company compliance is our priority, we can help with this requirement with our registered address support service! You can choose this service when completing your online company form or you can also send us a message to learn more.

    Whether you are looking to open an office where you plan to operate in the near future, or just need a registered address for compliance purposes, Easyco’s service helps you save valuable time.

  7. Want to register a company in Peru?

    Easyco provides full-fledged company formation services in Peru for your company requirements; we assist with your company registration, compliance, and growth.

    At Easyco we take pride in making company registration a hassle-free process by giving you an online application experience, made for the 21st century.

    Our video below provides a step-by-step summary of your company incorporation process. You can also visit the video’s detailed company formation article here.



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