Most Common Types of Companies in Bolivia

In recent years, Bolivia has had one of the highest economic growth in the region thanks to the promotion of industries like mining, agriculture, petrol extraction, and more. This allows for the development of the country, the creation of new work positions, and in the end, economic growth. Bolivia is also an associate member of MERCOSUR, which means it has access to the big economic block in the southern part of the continent, along with countries like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and others.

Therefore if you decide to register a company in Bolivia, one of the main factors to consider is the type of legal structure that suits you and your business the best. This will determine the number of shareholders or partners needed, and some other important requirements. Learn about the 4 most common types of companies in Bolivia and how to register your business!

What are the most common types of companies in Bolivia? What are their advantages? How many shareholders or partners do I need? How to incorporate a company in Bolivia?


Limited Liability Company or ‘Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada’ (SRL)

  • It requires to have a minimum of 2 shareholders and can have up to 25

  • The shareholders have limited liability over their contribution

  • Divided into quotas, the share capital has to be equivalent to 100 BOL or a multiple of 100 BOL

  • A General Manager has to be appointed for the incorporation

Public Corporation or ‘Sociedad Anónima’ (SA)

  • Requires a minimum of 3 shareholders, who have limited liability over their contribution to the Share Capital

  • It is necessary that one of the shareholders must have a valid residency in Bolivia

  • The Share Capital is divided into Stocks

Unipersonal Company or ‘Empresa Unipersonal’

  • A Unipersonal Company can be incorporated by one person, who can be either local or a foreigner with residency in Bolivia

  • The owner of the company has unlimited liability which means they’re responsible for the company with its own personal patrimony

  • This type of legal form is advised for small business owners or entrepreneurs

  • It is recommended to have accounting and legal advisors to avoid any complications or problems that put the owner’s assets at risk

Foreign Branch Company or ‘Sucursal’

  • The main foreign company has to appoint a Local Legal Representative or General Manager in Bolivia

  • It must have a registered office address in Bolivia

  • At the moment of the registration, the type of legal form assigned will be equivalent to the main company’s or a similar one

How to form a company in Bolivia?

These are the steps you need to follow to register a company in Bolivia. This is general and may vary depending on the type of company and business activities to be performed:

  1. Decide on the correct type of company and legal structure

  2. Elaboration and signature of the Power of Attorney

  3. Register the company at Bolivia’s Public Registry of Commerce

  4. Obtain a Tax ID Number or ‘NIT’

  5. Register the company with Bolivia’s National Health Insurance and a Pension Fund Administration

  6. Open a bank account for the company

  7. Get the licenses from the local Municipality

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