What is your Tax ID in Ecuador? How to obtain an RUC?

In recent times, Ecuador has become one of the most interesting and beneficial countries for companies that want to expand and launch their businesses in Latin America. Its economic growth and business-friendly politics are helping with the creation of new industries that promote the development of the country.

Learn about the Tax Identification Number in Ecuador, its requirements, and the steps to follow to obtain it.

What is the Tax ID in Ecuador? How to obtain an RUC? What are the requirements? What is the SRI? Do I need company? How to form a company in Ecuador?

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What is the Tax Identification Number in Ecuador?

The Tax Identification Number in Ecuador is called RUC, which stands for ‘Registro Único del Contribuyente’. The SRI or ‘Servicio de Rentas Internas’ is the government’s agency in charge of collection and distribution in Ecuador, and they’re responsible for the issuance of Tax IDs.

According to the SRI’s website, the RUC is: “an instrument whose function is to register and identify taxpayers for tax purposes and provide this information to the Tax Administration”.

For private companies, the number has 13 digits and always ends with 001. The first two digits are the city code where the RUC was issued for easy identification.

What are the requirements to obtain an RUC?

Obtaining a Tax ID is part of the company registration process in Ecuador, so one of the main requirements is to have the Articles of Incorporation, Legal Representative, and Office Address ready. These are some of the documents that you’re going to need to submit:

  • Copy of the ID of the Legal Representative
  • Voting certificate of the Legal Representative
  • Articles of Incorporation of the company
  • Information of the shareholders
  • Power of Attorney appointing the Legal Representative
  • Registered office address in Ecuador
  • Application form

How do I obtain a Tax ID Number for my company in Ecuador?

The process can be either done in person or online, but a Legal Representative is needed in the country at all times, as well as a registered office address for fiscal purposes.

  • If done in person, the Legal Representative has to go to one of the offices of the ‘Servicio de Rentas Internas’ or SRI in Ecuador to submit all the documentation. The agencies are located in most cities around Ecuador.
  • If you wish to carry out the procedure online, the first step is to create an account at the online portal called ‘SRI en Línea’, upload the required documents, and then submit the application for it to be reviewed and approved.

How to register a company in Ecuador?

These are the general steps to follow to register a company in Ecuador.

  1. Choose the right type of legal structure
  2. Elaborate a Power of Attorney to appoint a Legal Representative
  3. Check the availability and register the company’s name
  4. Draft the articles of incorporation and the bylaws
  5. Register the company at the Superintendence of Companies
  6. Register the company at the Mercantile Registry Office
  7. Obtain the Tax Identification Number or Fiscal Code
  8. Pay the Commercial Patent and obtain the “Tasa de Habilitación”
  9. Open a corporate bank account

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