What is your Tax ID in Chile? – RUT number

According to ECLAC (Latin American and Caribbean Economic Commission), Chile has managed to improve, despite the pandemic, and has become the third Latin American country with more foreign direct investment received in 2020. Chile is a country with good infrastructure, a well-structured legal and tax system, respect for institutions, and legal certainty. It is worth noting that all this great reception of the country is due to its open policy for foreign investors , promoting free trade, and actively looking for agreements with other countries and trade blocs.

Furthermore, The Economist has ranked Chile as the best country to invest in Latin America and the country with the greatest potential to attract foreign investors. Among the sectors that have received the most foreign investment are Mining, Electricity, gas, and water; and regarding services: Financial Services, and Communications.


What is the RUT Number?

If you are interested in establishing your company in Chile, you should consider the term RUT as an important step in the establishment of your company.

Let’s start by knowing what RUT means, it is the Unique Tax Rol or ‘ Rol Único Tributario’ in Spanish, which applies to both individuals and companies. However, the RUT which is granted to the company is different from the one for individuals, since the RUT allows to identify the type of obligations and privileges that correspond to each one.

This is a way to individualize the companies and/or corporations in the Chilean territory, therefore the companies can be registered as taxpayers.

When a company is incorporated in Chile, it is granted a provisional RUT when carrying out the procedures to start activities, which must be verified and ratified by the tax administration or the ‘Servicio de Impuestos Internos’ (SII) in Spanish.

The SII is the public service in charge of registering legal entities and foreign individuals in the RUT. As a result, it provides a unique registration number for each taxpayer, which identifies them to carry out different procedures in commercial or public entities in the country.

To whom is the RUT focused?

The RUT is focused on all legal entities incorporated in Chile or outside the country, as well as other entities without legal personality, such as de facto companies, communities, etc.

An important aspect apart from the RUT, is that if you are interested in establishing any of these entities in Chile, it is essential for these entities to act through representatives or agents. The person that holds this role, must be domiciled in Chile. On the other hand, if acting with foreign agents, this person must have a valid visa that allows him/her to develop activities in Chile.

At Easyco, we also tell you all the required steps you need to follow in order to set up a company in Chile.

What about NGOs?

In the case of non-profit institutions, they can obtain their RUT number only by registering.

Who can do this?

  • Corporations, foundations, associations, trade unions, and other entities with legal personality.

  • Communities and inheritances are correctly identified.

How do I obtain the RUT?

The process is completed online, where you must complete a form and attach the information requested.

You must have an account or create one in the Internal Revenue Service (SII) portal or through your unique password.

Do you want to register a company in Chile?

These are some of the steps you need to follow in order to start your business in Chile! You can also watch the video below!

  1. Choose the right type of company: The most common type of company and easiest to register is a Company by Shares or SpA (Sociedad por Acciones in Spanish)

  2. Appoint a legal representative in Chile

  3. Register your company in the Commercial Registry

  4. Publish the deeds of incorporation on the Official Gazette

  5. Obtain the RUT of your company at the Internal Revenue Service or Servicio de Impuestos Internos

  6. The last step is to open a corporate bank account



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